Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Emergency and Safety Plans

Emergency Response Team

The College’s response to a major emergency will be managed by the Emergency Response Team lead members, executive staff, and coordinated by Campus Safety Coordinator(s).  In the event of a major emergency, the Emergency Response Team will report to the designated Emergency Operations Center.  The Emergency Response Team is made up of groups directed by lead members and will consist of designated employees to fulfill the group’s role.  Roles of each group and/or coordinator are as follows:

  • Policy Group:  Includes representatives of the College with policy-making responsibilities.
  • Incident Command Group:  Coordinates the response and early recovery activities and oversee activities of the various groups.
  • Emergency Operations Coordinator:  Act as Chief Advisors for the Emergency Response Team, coordinates the long-term recovery phase, and maintains Emergency Operations Center.
  • Finance/Administration Group:  Responsible for all documentation and functions of the incident regarding legal, human resources, and financial.
  • Logistics Group:  Responsible for providing equipment, technology, facilities, materials, supplies, and serves in support of the emergency. 
  • Operations Group:  Responsible for providing assistance as it relates to facilities.
  • Communications Group:  Responsible for gathering and dispersing information to the public and the Emergency Operations Group.
  • Debriefing Group:  Assess the actions taken in the major emergency and response.

Group members are identified in the Critical Incident Plan.