Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Emergency and Safety

Weapon on Campus

In accordance with N.C. General Statue 14-269.2, all weapons as described in the statute are forbidden on the campuses of Isothermal Community College. The statute states that “it shall be unlawful for any person to possess, or carry, whether openly or concealed, in any public school building, on any public school campus, any weapon not used as part of a school or school ceremony.” The statute specifically lists guns, rifles, pistols, dynamite, bombs, grenades, mines, powerful explosives, bowie knives, dirks, daggers, slingshots, leaded canes, switchblade knives, black jacks, metallic knuckles or any other weapons of like kind.

This policy does not apply to law enforcement officers when they are acting in the discharge of their official duties. Off-duty police officers should make arrangements with the appropriate college staff or instructors regarding their weapons while on college premises.

Weapons to be used as part of a class, in a class demonstration or as part of a performance or ceremony must have the approval of the appropriate Dean/Director.

Policy No: 902-02-00

Reference: NCGS 14-269.2
Cross Reference:
Adopted:  May 5, 1992
Amended:  July 20, 2006