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Withdrawal Progress (WP) Grade Assignment

The “WP*” (Withdrawn Progressing) grade allows a student in a academic development education course, who has attended regularly and made satisfactory progress, to continue the course in subsequent semester until all the course requirements are met. The student must register for the course in the subsequent semester. The credit hours and attempted hours will not be given until the course is completed. The grade of “WP*” may be assigned only the first semester the student enrolls in academic developmental course. Exceptions to continue the “WP*” into the third semester must have written permission from the instructor and the Dean of Academic Development. Instructors will provide the registrar’s office with a list of students who will receive the “WP*’ grade one week prior to the last day of classes for the term. The “WP*” grade can only be assigned to academic development courses.

Grade Significance Grade Points
Grade Grade Points
A Excellence 4 per semester hour
B Above Average 3 per semester hour
 C Average                2 per semester hour
D Below Average 1 per semester hour
F Failed 0 per semester hour
W Withdrawn 0 per semester hour
I Incomplete 0 per semester hour
Y No Credit—Audit 0 per semester hour
S Satisfactory     0 per semester hour
U Unsatisfactory     0 per semester hour
WP* *Withdrawn-Progress 0 per semester hour
CE Credit By Examination 0 per semester hour
DE Diagnostic Examination 0 per semester hour
NS No Show 0 per semester hour
CR Transfer Credit 0 per semester hour
R Repeat 0 per semester hour

An asterisk (*) beside a letter grade indicates academic developmental course work, institutional credits only.  A percent (%) beside a letter grade indicates student was granted an academic fresh start, does not count in GPA calculation.  A number (#) beside a “W” grade indicates student was administratively dropped, does not count in GPA calculation.

Policy No: 401-02-05AP

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Adopted:  June 1, 2011