Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual


Withdrawal from College

All Official Withdrawals Must:
1. Be made through the Advisor one week before the last day of classes for the term.
2. Be made in person if possible.
3. Be recorded by the Student Records Office to be official.
4. Receive a grade of “W”. Students who leave class without officially withdrawing may receive a grade of “F”.

The official withdrawal date will be the date the withdrawal form is submitted.

Note: Students will not be allowed to add or change sections after the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar and Semester Schedule book. Students may officially drop a course(s) without academic penalty and receive a grade of ‘W’ if this drop is made before the drop deadline as published in the college calendar. The vice President for Academic and Student Services may approve a drop after the deadline.

Policy No: 401-02-04AP

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Adopted:  June 1, 2011