Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual


Ten Percent Report

Ten percent rosters are printed and distributed after students who have not paid their registration fees are purged. Instructors must verify enrollment, attendance dates, beginning and ending dates, and hours and times the class meets. A student who has not attended or made contact with the instructor is listed as a No Show and must be indicated on the roster. Audits and credit by exam grades are also included on these reports. Completed reports are signed, dated, and submitted to the appropriate Dean/Director for review and his/her signature. Faculty teaching online courses should print out copies of the attendance report at the 10% date and submit with the 10% report. The rosters are then returned to the Records Office. The enrollment data from these reports are used to report student hours of membership (North Carolina Administrative Code 2D.0323) which are used to calculate FTE (full time equivalents) for the college and affects subsequent funding. Accuracy of information is critical. These reports are subject to audit.

Policy No: 401-02-06AP

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Adopted:  June 1, 2011