Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual



All Official Withdrawals Must:

  1. Be made through the instructor by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. Courses that have non-standard beginning and ending dates may have different withdrawal deadlines. Students in these courses should consult their course syllabus or their instructor or deadline information.
  2. Be made in person if possible.
  3. Be recorded by the Student Records Office to be official.
  4. Receive a grade of W (Withdrawal). Students who leave class without officially withdrawing may receive a grade of F (Failed). Students whose cumulative absences exceed 20% of scheduled class hours for the semester may also be subject to administrative withdrawal. Students who are administratively withdrawn receive grades of W# (Administrative Withdrawal).

Instructors are required to keep attendance records throughout the semester. Last dates of attendance are required for grades of W (Withdrawal), W# (Administratively Withdrawn), R (Expected Progress-Developmental Credit), and F (Failed) grades. The official withdrawal date will be the Last Date of Attendance. Students are urged to consult with financial aid and veteran’s affairs staff regarding the impact of class withdrawal and last date of attendance on financial aid and veterans benefits eligibility.

Withdrawals after the deadline published in the Academic Calendar must be approved by the Vice President of Academic and Student Services and Institutional Assessment. 

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Adopted:  June 1, 2011
Amended: July 22, 2014

Policy No: 401-02-04AP