Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Board of Trustees

Article II - Powers and Duties of the Board of Trustees

Section 2.1 Statutory Powers

The Board of Trustees shall:

  1. Establish the basic qualifications for and appoint a President for such term and under such conditions as it may fix, such election to be subject to the approval of the State Board of Community Colleges (GS 115D-20(1).
  2. Acquire by purchase or otherwise all land required for the college site, and rights-of-way, which shall be necessary for the proper operation of the College, when such site has been approved by the Stale Board of Community Colleges, and, if necessary, to acquire land by condemnation in the same manner and under the same procedures as provided in Article 2, Chapter 40, of the General Statutes. For the purpose of condemnation, the determination of the Board as to the amount of land to be taken and the necessity thereof shall be conclusive; and to dispose of property owned by the Trustees as provided in G.S. 1150·15, likewise upon approval of the State Board of Community Colleges (GS 1150·20(3).
  3. Apply the standards and requirements for admission and graduation of students and other standards established by the State Board of Community Colleges (GS IISD-20(4).
  4. Receive and accept private donations, gifts, bequests, and the like and apply them or invest any of them and apply the proceeds for the purposes which the donor may prescribe and which are consistent with the provisions of State law and the regulations of the State Board of Community Colleges (GS 11 50·20(5).
  5. Provide all or part of the instructional services for the institution, including contracting with other public or private educational institutions of the State, according to regulations and standards adopted by the State Board of Community Colleges (GS IISD-20(6).
  6. Perform such other acts and do such other things as may be necessary or proper for the exercise of the foregoing specific powers, including the adoption and enforcement of all reasonable rules, regulations, and bylaws for the government and operation of the College under law (GS 11 50·20(7).

Section 2.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

The Board of Trustees will:

  1. Confirm the employment of vice presidents, upon nomination by the President, subject to standards established by the State Board of Community Colleges. One action by the Board for election of these employees shall be effective for the whole of their employment.
  2. Establish and discontinue programs of instruction within the College upon recommendation by the President.
  3. Require the execution of such studies and take such steps as are necessary to ensure that the functions of the College are always those which are most helpful and feasible in light of the resources available to the College.
  4. Approve and submit current expenses and capital out lay budgets.
  5. The Board of Trustees shall hear appeals from personnel in the college, provided that the appeals are made under the rules and regulations prescribed by the Board. Any such appeal shall be presented to the Board Chair who shall refer it to the Chair of the Personnel Committee for timely action within personnel policy guidelines.
  6. Adopt policies for inclusion in the policies manual of the Board of Trustees of Isothermal Community College.
Adopted: September 2009 
Amendment Approved: January 29, 2013