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North Carolina Community College System

Isothermal Community College is one of the 58 community colleges in the North Carolina Community College System. The ;North Carolina Community College System is a statewide network of fifty-eight (58) public community colleges. Each college has a distinct governance system and policies. Under the authority assigned by The State of North Carolina to the State Board of Community Colleges, the North Carolina Community College System serves as a resource agency and administrative arm of the State Board. With administrative offices located in Raleigh, the System Office provides support services and technical assistance for the community colleges. Under the direction of the System President, who is appointed by the State Board, the System Office also provides other services that would be difficult for an individual institution to address such as statewide data collection and reporting. For additional information about the NCCCS, visit the System Office website.

As part of the North Carolina Community College System, complaints regarding system policies or any Community College within the North Carolina System can be filed by utilizing the North Carolina System Student Complaint Form.

Policy Number: 201-01-00

Reviewed: September 2015

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