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Adoption and Administration of Policies and Procedures

The North Carolina General Statutes and the North Carolina Community College System have established and granted various powers and duties to the Board of Trustees (Board) and the President of the College, including the authority to establish policies and procedures for the efficient and orderly administration of the College. This Policy addresses the procedures for adoption and publication of all policies and procedures within the Learning College Manual and other program specific manuals.


  1. Board Policy (BP): A standard statement or regulation of general applicability; adopted by the Board.
  2. Administrative Policy (AP): A standard statement or regulation of general applicability; approved by the President.
  3. General: A standard statement or regulation of general applicability that provides general information about the college.
  4. Procedure: Processes or guidelines related to the implementation or compliance of a board policy or administrative policy of matters not specifically addressed in the policy; approved by the President.

Adoption of Policies, Regulations, and Rules

  1. Recommendations for new or revised policies and procedures (including program specific manuals) will be submitted to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources will consult the requestor and determine the proper flow for which the recommendation is to proceed.
  2. All sections of the Learning College Manual will be reviewed by a designee on a regular basis. Program Specific Manuals will be reviewed by the program department area, as needed.
  3. Reformatting, editorial, and minor changes that do not affect the substance of a policy or procedure may be made by the Director of Human Resources.
  4. Proposals for adoption of Policies and Procedures will be submitted for initial review to the President and/or appropriate Vice President. If the President or appropriate Vice President concurs with the proposal, the proposal will be reviewed by College Council. Once the proposal is in final form, board policies will be presented first to the Executive Committee of the Board then presented to the full Board for approval. Administrative policies or procedures shall be approved by the President.

Content, Format, and Publication

  1. Proposed revisions to policies and procedures should be noted by using the review function in Microsoft Word.
  2. The official site for the Learning College Manual is the Learning College Manual website. Upon adoption, Human Resources will forward to the Webmaster for electronic publication on the web page. Human Resources will review to ensure all relevant information is included and updated prior to submitting to the Webmaster. A hard copy of the Learning College Manual will be maintained in the Human Resources Office. Requests for a hard copy must be submitted to the Human Resources Office. All program specific related manuals will be maintained by the program area with a current copy forwarded to the Director of Human Resources.

Policy Number: 201-03-06AP

Reference: Review/Revision: Human Resources

Adopted: December 4, 2012

Policy Making Flowchart