Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Institutional Effectiveness

Section II:  Responsibility and Control

A. President and Emergency Management Team

The Business Continuity Plan is under the executive control of the President of the College and under the operational direction of the Vice President of Administrative Services as members and leaders of the Emergency Management Team which also includes the Vice President of Academic and Student Services, the Dean of Student Services, the Director of Marketing and Community Relations, and the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance.

The Emergency Management Team is assisted by two groups within the college: Deans and Directors and Building Response Teams.

B. Deans and Directors

Through their respective reports, these administrators assist in the effort to ensure that faculty and staff under their direction are made aware of business continuity plans and procedures.

Prior to an Emergency
  • Distribute emergency preparedness information to all employees with follow-up discussions, training, or explanation
    • Provide employee time to assist in emergency response and business continuity plans and drills
During an Emergency
  • Assist the Emergency Management Team in its efforts to meet emergency plans and objectives as outlined in the plan
    • Evaluate the impact of the emergency on their area and take appropriate action
    • Maintain communication with the Emergency Management Team
    • Inform employees and students of the emergency and initiate procedures as outlined in this plan
After an Emergency
  • Help develop plans to ensure the continuity of vital programs and services
  • Implement these plans, making necessary adjustments over time
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of action taken

C. Building Response Teams

Emergency operations within each building are coordinated by emergency response teams assuming the role of gate keeper, messenger, or runner in each building. The gate keeper serves as the building contact who distributes information about the action to be taken. The messenger contacts the runners with instructions to be carried out by occupants of the facility and receives back information when instructions have been acted upon. The runner distributes by physically moving to all rooms/labs/offices in the assigned areas.

College faculty and staff assigned to these roles by building are listed in Appendix A: Emergency Roles by Building. The Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance is responsible for maintaining and updating this list.