Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Institutional Effectiveness

Section V:  Recovery

Plan Deactivation

When emergency conditions have stabilized and normal operations resume, the Business Continuity Plan will be deactivated. If the nature of the incident requires an extension of certain emergency services then special task groups may be established to coordinate these continuing activities. These groups may need to consider:

  • Academic or administrative space reallocations
  • People-based support services for impacted students, faculty or staff
  • Technologically-based support services for impacted students, faculty, or staff
  • Cost recovery issues

Immediately following the cessation of emergency operations, a debriefing of the Emergency Management Team, Deans/Directors, and Building Teams will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the response effort. Results of such debriefing will be used to determine if the emergency Business Continuity Plan must be modified to address any deficiencies which were discovered during its activation.

A report will be compiled and distributed to members of the Emergency Management Team.