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Program Audit

An annual program audit is conducted at Isothermal Community College and all 58 colleges by the NCCCS Audit Services staff to ensure that reporting practices, procedures, and program classifications are in compliance with North Carolina General Statutes, Title 23 of the North Carolina Administrative Code, State Board of Community Colleges policies, North Carolina Community College System Office guidelines and local policies.  The audit includes reviews of programmatic and related fiscal operations at the college. An audit sample of all classes and programs supported with State funds are reviewed. The accuracy of the Institution Class Reports (ICR), which each college submits for all classes delivered and which essentially determines the amount of State funding each college receives, is reviewed both quantitatively and qualitatively to ensure that state funds are distributed equitably among all NCCCS colleges. All program/course set-up, delivery, and documentation are subject to review.  If it is determined that a College's ICR is inconsistent with Community College Laws of North Carolina, the State Board of Community Colleges policies or the North Carolina Community College System Office guidelines, such information is included in the yearly Program Audit Report. The college is then required to reimburse the State accordingly or, if appropriate, the North Carolina Community College System Office will adjust the corrected reports, depending on findings detailed in the final audit report.

Financial Audits 

The Office of the State Auditor (OSA) serves as the watchdog for State government by providing citizens, legislators, and government officials with professional, independent evaluations of the State's financial records and public program performance. The State Auditor also assesses the security and integrity of the State's information technology systems, as well as providing monitoring and technical assistance for private non-profit recipients of State grant funds. The OSA is uniquely empowered to independently evaluate State programs and provide guidance to the legislature on the operation of all aspects of state government, clerks of court, the University System and community colleges. Regular financial audits are conducted of Isothermal Community College’s financial records and systems on a regular basis.

Additional Audits

Isothermal Community College is committed to the responsible use of resources and thus complies with audit requirements for programs, services and funding for which the College may be eligible and/or request and receive.

Policy Number: 202-02-02

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