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Naming and Memorialization Policy


Isothermal Community College, the Isothermal Community College Foundation, and the Isothermal Community College Polk Foundation continually seek private funds to enhance the College's ability to meet the educational and physical needs of the college and community, particularly when such private funds lead to a level of excellence that might otherwise not be possible without external support. These fundraising efforts are not intended to supplant the support the College receives from public funding sources, but instead, they are intended to enhance and "go the extra mile" when public sources cannot be reasonably expected to expeditiously fulfill a specific need or expected to take the college to a level of excellence to which it aspires.

To that end, the College seeks to provide appropriate recognition to donors for their generosity. The opportunity to place the name of an individual, family corporation or organization on a building, room, center, institute, gathering space, endowed faculty position, meritorious awards for staff or faculty, grounds, program, scholarship or similar spaces or activities is a time-honored tradition among institutions of higher learning in the United States. Although such recognition may take many forms, the following policy aims to establish guidelines for the naming of facilities, rooms, spaces, and programs as forms of donor recognition.

Generally, the names of facilities and academic and workforce training programs recognizes an individual's high scholarly distinction, achievement in their particular profession or vocation, devotion to the College and its mission, distinguishes service, or a generous gift. The Isothermal Community College Board of Trustees has approved the following guidelines for the naming of facilities, grounds, programs, scholarships, and support funds.

The College's Board of Trustees clarifies that these are guidelines only and it retains its right and discretion to make exceptions to these guidelines or alter criteria or conditions at any time as appropriate to circumstances or opportunities which may arise.

A. Basis and Procedure

1. Consideration of a naming or memorialization opportunity may be based on:

  1. Prior outstanding service to the College;
  2. Prior support of the College; or
  3. Financial gift or commitment to the College.

2. The Board may consider naming of, or memorialization through, the following:

  1. Facilities: Buildings, structures, plazas, gardens, fields, streets, walkways, sites, or areas; including any portion(s) thereof, furnishings or other outfitting or accoutrements within, on or at a facility;
  2. Endowed Chairs;
  3. Scholarships; or
  4. Other opportunities as appropriate.

3. Procedure:

  1. Prior to considering any naming or memorialization, the President shall investigate the proposed association with the college, and present the results of that investigation and a recommendation to the Board. The President shall assure that the proposed association meets the criteria herein.
  2. Naming or memorialization is an honor for the person(s) or entity whose name is being associated with the College, and is an honor for the College. The Board shall exercise its full discretion in approving, or not approving, any naming, renaming, or memorialization opportunity.

B. Criteria

1. General:

  1. The credentials, character, and reputation of each individual or entity whose name is, or will be, associated with the College shall be carefully scrutinized and evaluated to assure consistency with this policy.
  2. No association should appear to indicate any preference for any political or religious group(s) or any specific belief(s) associated with that/those group/groups.
  3. Any donor-proposed restrictions on use of any funds received through these opportunities must comply with the mission of the College and its policies and procedures, must enhance the reputation of the College; and must not create any unacceptable future financial or other liability for the College.
  4. Consideration of an association with a person currently in, or seeking, political office is not allowed.
  5. Any naming shall be for a period of ten years or less as determined by the Board of Trustees unless this requirement is specifically waived or amended by the Board. Any naming which is to expire shall presumptively give the holder of the name first option to renew upon new existing guidelines or upon terms negotiated by the Board.
  6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the naming was principally for nonfinancial reasons, the holder of the presumptive right to renew shall be the Board of Trustees of Isothermal Community College.

2. Prior Outstanding Service:

  1. Naming or memorialization on this basis shall be allowed after a person has served the College for at least ten years.
  2. An honorific naming may be bestowed in recognition of the dedication or meritorious contribution of a person or organization. A person or organization being recognized by a honorific naming must have exhibited values consistent with the mission and vision of the institution, must have an established relationship with the institution, and must have must have an established relationship with the institution, and must have contributed measurably to the good of the institution and the community. The merits of honoring naming of any physical facility, space, or academic program should be able to stand the test of time.

3. Financial Gift or Commitment:

  1. The time frame for which a donor has to reach the fully funded endowment level threshold to fulfill a pledge naming a room, space or facility shall be addressed and negotiated on a case by case basis, but in no event shall the time extend behold ten years unless specifically approved by the Isothermal Community College Board of Trustees.

4. Guidelines for the Naming of Physical Facilities

  1. Exhibit "A" attached hereto is a list and designation of certain like spaces available for naming at the Rutherford and Polk campuses, together with a presumptive monetary amount for the different types of spaces. The grouping of facilities and spaces is an effort to identify and group "like kind spaces".
  2. Any artwork or signage that honors the person or organization that is outside of the college's standard signage is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.
  3. These guidelines shall not apply to "public-private partnerships" wherein there is a joint use of facilities and an actual monetary value places on respective use of space (i.e. rent or lease). However, naming can be a part of the negotiation of such a joint use agreement and these guidelines may assist in negotiating an appropriate recognition. Any such public-private partnerships of a building or significant space over a time to exceed ten years shall be subject to consideration and approval of the Board of Trustee, and such other entities as may be required by law.

5. Process

All nominations will be received by the Office of the President of Isothermal Community College. The President will make an initial review of the nomination to determine its merit and its consistency with the college's goals and objectives. The President then may decide whether to submit the nomination to the Board of Trustees for approval.

C. Review and Rescission of Associations.

1. All associations with the College pursuant to this policy are subject to periodic review by the Board.

a. A naming or memorialization may be rescinded when:

i. The person, entity, or name associated with the College no longer continues to be consistent with the policies and interests of the College, and could lead to a negative connotation about the College or its communities;

ii. Financial commitments are not met.

b. No rescission should appear to indicate any preference for or support of any political or religious beliefs or groups.

2. Procedure:

  1. Prior to considering rescission of a naming or memorialization, the President shall investigate generally the circumstances that may affect continued association of a name or title with the College, and present the results of that investigation, and a recommendation, to the Board.

3. Should a naming or memorialization be rescinded, no part of any gift, received shall be returned to the giver. The financial consequences of a rescission should not be considered by the Board in determining the necessity of rescinding a naming or memorialization.

Exhibit A – Guidelines *



High Bay Spaces


Class Rooms


Labs, Offices & Office Suites, and Student Lounges


Conference Rooms

$15,000 - $25,000 TBD on a case by case basis depending on location and size

Landscaping, walkways, and trails

TBD on a case by case basis depending on location and scope of design

  • These shall serve as guidelines only and each proposal for naming will be on a case by case basis.

Policy Number: 802-02-00BP

Adopted: November 13, 2007

Amended: February 19, 2008; March 12, 2019