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Disruption of Educational Process

The mission of Isothermal Community College is focused on learning. For this reason, any disruptions, threats, or harassment that impede another person’s ability to learn on the campus and centers of Isothermal Community College are prohibited.

Children and young people under the age of sixteen are welcome on the campuses of Isothermal Community College. However, to ensure the safety of underage visitors and to prevent the disruption of the educational process, these guidelines must be followed:

  1. Students shall not bring children to class without prior approval and/or permission of the classroom instructor. Approval by classroom instructors should be given only in emergency or unusual situations and even then only when the children are not likely to cause a distraction or to need constant supervision.
  2. Children under the age of sixteen (16) are required to be supervised by a parent, guardian, or designee at all times while on campus. The College will not be responsible for the safety of underage visitors to campus and shall ask parents/guardians to remove from the campus children whose conduct creates a danger to themselves or to others or whose conduct disrupts the educational programs or functions of the College. For students enrolled in REaCH, the on-campus Early College High School, the REaCH staff will qualify as the designated supervisor.

Policy Number: 802-02-03AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: August 15, 1995; July 20, 2006