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Facilities Utilization


Isothermal Community College shall make certain unrestricted facilities available for periodic use by governmental agencies, community organizations or individuals, provided that the use of the facilities is not in conflict with the purpose of the College or any policies, regulations, or legal statutes governing such use. In all cases, College use of unrestricted facilities shall have priority over requests for use by any external organizations, agency or individual. This policy does not apply to the Performing Arts and Conference Facilities in The Foundation Performing Arts and Conference Center, which has its own facility utilization guidelines. Use of College facilities by on-campus groups, departments or individuals shall also be governed by the following guidelines:


  1. College facilities may not be reserved or used by
    1. Partisan political groups and religious organizations
    2. Private organizations or individuals on a restricted basis (Dance, birthday parties, etc.)
    3. Organizations as a regular meeting place
    4. Any organization, group or individual when the intended use is profit-making (this guideline does not include legitimate non-profit, charitable organizations.) Exceptions may be made by the Vice President of Administrative Services or a designee when products and/or merchandise are sold in conjunction with a contracted College activity or performance. If an exception is made, an appropriate fee will be assessed.
  2. Only employees of the College may reserve College facilities for use by on-campus groups. Student groups must have a faculty or staff advisor reserve facilities for their use.
  3. A reservation agreement with a user may not be transferred or assigned to any other person or agency without the consent of the scheduling authority.
  4. Any agreement/reservation to use College facilities may be canceled at any time prior to the event by the President of the College or his designee for cause.
  5. General classrooms, labs and shops should be scheduled only as follow:
    1. Labs and shops must be scheduled only for uses for which they were designed. (Exceptions may be made by the Dean/Director responsible for a particular lab or shop.)
    2. General classrooms may be scheduled for activities/non-curriculum instruction if the activity is to be completed before the first day of classes of the immediately following semester. General classrooms not scheduled for curriculum instruction in a particular semester are available for special scheduling one weekafter the semester begins.
  6. Special event facilities should be scheduled only as follows:
    1. Reservations by non-College groups or individuals may be made no more than three (3) months in advance of the date of intended use. Exceptions to the time restriction may be made by the scheduling authority after notifying the Director of Administrative Services.
    2. Reservations by College groups or individuals may be made no more than six (6) months in advance of the date of intended use. Exceptions may be made by the scheduling authority after notifying the Vice President of Administrative Services.
    3. These facilities should be scheduled only for events, which meet for no more than five (5) days and may or may not be FTE producing.
    4. Regularly scheduled classes should not be scheduled in a special event room. Further, it is the intent of this guideline that events that are to be held in these rooms should already have been scheduled (not planned to be) and cancellation would be the result of a crisis or emergency, not lack of enrollment.
    Note: If a request is made by an on-campus group or individual within the six (6) month time frame and if no other request has been made, then the request should be entered and confirmed.

    Employees are strongly encouraged not to reserve special event rooms as a convenience to groups in which they are a member.
  7. An application form must be completed before any reservation request can be considered. Four (4) copies should be made by the scheduling authority: the scheduling authority should file a copy, forward a copy to the Human Resources Assistant and the Director of Marketing and Community Relations and give the user a copy. A copy should be forwarded to the maintenance department if the request involves any set-up or if the event takes place after normal working hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm).  

    Note: A Use of Facilities Application Form may be obtained from the Colleges Intranet site or from the Vice President of Administrative Services.
  8. Exceptions to the guidelines listed above may be made with the approval of the Vice President of Administrative Services.


  1. Fees will be charged if additional services are required on the part of College staff (set-up; custodial, security, traffic control, etc.). Depending on the number of people expected by the user, the College may require the user to provide police security.
  2. Additional charges may be assessed for damage to property or for missing property.


  1. It is the responsibility of the user to supervise the activity he/she sponsors including the maintenance of order and the safety of the people present.
  2. It is the responsibility of the user to insure that the standards of reasonable public behavior are observed.


The following are strictly forbidden on the campus and centers of Isothermal Community College:

  1. The use, possession or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs. The use of alcohol in The Foundation Performing Arts and Conference Center is governed by separate policy.
  2. The possession of weapons, i.e. knives, guns, etc.
  3. Gambling
  4. Use of tobacco products of any kind inside any facility.
  5. Any activity which is in violation of the laws of North Carolina or the United States of America.


  1. Classroom, Labs and Shop Assignments:
    Assignments of general classrooms, labs and shops shall be made by instructional Deans/Directors. These assignments shall be reflected in the course schedule. Records of other assignments of this space shall be maintained in the offices of the Dean/Director. Responsibility for assignment of general classrooms, labs, and shops is as follows:

    Responsibility for Classroom Assignment
    Department Name
    Business Sciences Classroom/Labs   Dean of Business Sciences
    Applied Sciences & Technology Shops and Classrooms; Communications Technology Labs and Classrooms; 
    and Auto Body, Welding, and Machine Shop Labs/Classrooms
    Dean of Applied Science & Technology
    Administration/Arts & Sciences Building,
    Information Technology Building and 
    Student Center Classrooms/Lifelong Learning Building 
    and Classrooms/Labs  
    Dean of Arts & Sciences
    Academic Development & Academic Support Classrooms,
    Administration/Arts & Sciences Building
    Director of Academic Development
    Gymnasium and pool (Student Center)   Dept. Head, Physical Education
    Library Building Rooms 114 & 116   Director of Library Services
    Continuing Education - The Foundation; Art Studio;   
    Truck Driving Classroom; 
    Rutherford Center;
    Additional Continuing Education Classroom
    Dean of Continuing Ed.
    Polk Center Director, Polk Center
    Business and Industry Training Room                        
    Communications Technology Building Room 108 
    Director of Customized Training and Development
  2. Special Room and Space Assignments:
    Responsibility for the assignment of other rooms and meeting areas is as follows:

    Responsibility for Other Rooms and Meeting Areas
    Department Name
    Library Auditorium Director of Library Services
    Student Center and Amphitheater Dean of Student Services
    President’s Dining Room Dean of Student Services
    Administration Board Room Administrative Assistant to President
    Outdoor Facilities/Grounds Vice President of Administrative Services
    Business Sciences, Blue Room & Red Room Dean of Business Sciences
    Polk Campus Lobby & Lecture Room Director, Polk Center

Policy Number: 802-01-01AP


Adopted: December 15, 1994

Amended: May 2, 2000; July 20, 2006; January 28, 2009