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Use of College Equipment

Off-Campus Use

Any off-campus use of College equipment by an employee of the College other than for classroom or field training must have the approval of a Dean/Director and a record of the equipment to be taken off-campus must be filed with the department secretary. If the use of College equipment at an off-campus site is expected to be more than five (5) working days, the appropriate Dean/Director must also approve the use of the equipment. Approval shall be given only for work-related use of College equipment; under no circumstance shall College equipment; be taken off-campus for personal use.

Outside Groups or Agencies

Isothermal Community College does not normally permit non-public groups, agencies or individuals to use equipment purchased from public funds for non-institutional purposes. However, in emergency situations, on a one-time, short-term basis, the College may permit non-profit agencies to use College equipment.

The College may permit other public groups, public agencies or public officials to use equipment provided that the equipment is not needed at the time, and provided that the loan is short-term and occasional.

Policy Number: 801-04-00AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: July 10, 1997