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Inclement Weather or Emergency Closing

Inclement Weather/Emergency Closing/State of Emergency Leave


On occasion of inclement weather or emergency closing, announcements will be made by the Director of Marketing and Community Relations concerning the activities of the College and day and evening classes at the Rutherford Campus, the Polk Center and any other locations. This information will be posted as soon as possible on the college website and announced on the College Radio Station (WNCW 88.7). Local and area radio and television stations will also be requested to carry the announcements and the County Communications Center will be notified.


If it is announced that the college is closed for either inclement weather or any other type of emergency which may arise, designated essential personnel (maintenance and campus assistance) will report unless directed otherwise. Other essential personnel as designated by the President or appropriate Vice President will report as directed.


For all full-time personnel not considered essential—if the college is closed, time missed will be considered administrative leave and/or annual leave as directed and will not be made up. If classes are canceled but the administrative offices are open, the staff time missed must be made up or counted as annual, compensatory or bonus leave. If the college opening is delayed for any reason, only time missed after the announced reopening will need to be made up or counted as leave. Time missed must be counted as annual, compensatory or bonus leave.


The declaration of an emergency can adversely affect the operations of the College and can also be impactful to employees regarding leave. In the event of a declaration of a State of Emergency, the President may take the following measures:

  • Advancing leave to permanent employees per the existing annual leave policy,
  • Advancing leave to permanent employees per the existing sick leave policy, and

In each of these policies employees may be allowed to make up the time rather than go on leave without pay.

Leave under communicable disease circumstances:

In order to protect all employees from infection, the President may authorize up to ten (10) days of paid "state of emergency leave," which is separate from and in addition to other leaves, for all employees who request leave due to having symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 or any applicable communicable disease (fever, cough, shortness of breath), or who may be required to quarantine, subject to the availability of funds. In the event an employee is exhibiting such symptoms and the college grants such leave, the paid leave must be accounted separately by Payroll and coded to "state of emergency leave" for COVID-19 or designated communicable disease.

Policy Number: 306-02-06BP


Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: March 19, 1996; June 29, 2010; May 24, 2011; March 24, 2020

Procedures for self-reporting illness