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Attendance at Graduation Exercises

Isothermal Community College holds two commencement exercise each year: one for those students receiving degrees, diplomas or certificates from the curriculum programs and the other for students completing requirements for the GED and for students receiving the adult high school diploma. When possible the graduation exercises will be held on successive nights.

Attendance at the curriculum graduation is required of full-time curriculum faculty, college council, and the professional staff. Exceptions or leaves of absence may be made or granted to the faculty by the Vice President of Academic and Student Services and Institutional Assessment; all other exceptions or leaves of absence must be made by the President.

Attendance at the GED/Adult High School graduation is required of college council members and others that the President may designate. The Dean of Continuing Education shall be responsible for coordinating the GED/Adult High School graduation exercises and shall decide which staff and faculty in the Continuing Education Division attend the graduations exercises.

Policy Number: 306-02-08BP

Adopted: February 14, 1992

Amended: January 20, 2009

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