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Curriculum Adjunct Faculty Work Loads, Office Hours, and Absences

I. Work Loads

Adjunct workloads shall not exceed 28 service hours a week. Service hours are calculated based on a contact hour. Unless otherwise approved, an additional 1.25 hours will be credited per contact hour for performing work time required outside of direct classroom instruction. Credited time which is less than 1.25 hours must be approved by the Coordinator, Director and/or Dean, the Human Resources Director and Executive Vice President. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Human Resources and Executive Vice President based on responsibilities unique to the adjunct assignment or assignments that will not be sustained for consecutive semesters. The responsibilities of adjunct faculty are detailed in the adjunct faculty job description.

II. Office Hours

In lieu of office hours, adjunct faculty must accommodate student appointments on a mutually convenient basis. The course syllabus must include contact information and instructions for scheduling an appointment outside of class. Contact information should include a college email address and contact for a departmental support person for contact in the event the adjunct faculty member cannot be reached.

III. Absences

When an adjunct faculty member must be absent due to illness or emergency, he/she must speak to his/her Dean or other department contact as soon as possible. If at all possible, adjunct faculty should make arrangements to have the class covered. Class time lost due to absence must be made up to assure student completion of course objectives. Course time may be made up through additional scheduled meeting time or alternate assignments. Contract adjustments for adjunct faculty may be made at the discretion of the Dean.

Policy Number: 305-01-01BP

Adopted: November 2, 1999

Amended: May 22, 1991; July 20, 2006; January 28, 2009; January 4, 2010; May 11, 2010; May 24, 2011; November 12, 2013; January 27, 2015