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Educational Assistance Program

The Board of Trustees authorizes the President to grant tuition assistance to employees engaged in educational activities deemed beneficial to both the employee and the College. The purpose of the program is to assist employees in developing or improving competencies and skills directly related to their present jobs. The President is authorized to grant full-time employees assistance for costs of tuition, registration fees and laboratory fees not to exceed $500.00 per semester or $1500.00 fiscal per year. The educational activities must be appropriate and included in an approved PEP plan. The Educational Assistance Reimbursement Request Form must be submitted prior to enrollment in courses. (See College intranet site) The employee must receive prior approval for each course taken and will be reimbursed upon satisfactory completion of the course(s), which is a passing grade as determined by the institution offering the course. The employee must submit a copy of the receipt of payment and the grade before receiving payment. Any educational assistance is based on the availability of funds. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the President. Courses taken while the employee is on paid educational leave will not be approved for tuition reimbursement.

Policy Number: 302-01-01BP

Adopted: April 1965

Amended: May 1984; November 1986; November 1987; November 1989; May 8, 1990; July 1993; August 26, 2003; August 2005; May 11, 2010; May 24, 2011

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