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Genesis Grant

Genesis is a grant program funded in part by the Margin of Excellence endowment and is open to all Isothermal Community College employees. Genesis funds innovation and awards supporting costs. As the name implies, Genesis is intended to stimulate the birth of new ideas, concepts and activities that will enrich our efforts to maximize the effectiveness of our service to students and the quality of our academic programs. Genesis grants give us a new opportunity to be both creative and innovative by providing the means to pursue excellence.

To apply for a Genesis Grant, prepare a project description which includes the following:

  1. Purpose and description of activities to be funded.
  2. Description of how these activities support the college mission.
  3. Anticipated results or outcomes.
  4. A project budget.
  5. Name of the person submitting the application and names of other participants (if any).

Applications may be submitted to the Administrative Assistant to the President at any time. Applications will be reviewed monthly.

Policy Number: 302-02-05

Amended: March 2012

Download a PDF of this policy