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Endowed Chair Program

Five Endowed Chairs have been established for the purpose of recognizing faculty and professional personnel for their commitment to excellence and their college service. The primary intent of this recognition is to reward outstanding service and to support its continuation.

The following Endowed Chairs have been established:

The Mary Hart Roberts Endowed Chair for Professional Development in Arts and Sciences

The Ivy and Ree W. Cowan Endowed Chair for Professional Development in
Business Sciences

The Thomas A. Roberts Endowed Chair for Professional Development in
Student Enrichment

The William J. and Martha DeBrule Endowed Chair for Professional Development in Applied Sciences and Technology

The James R. and Myra H. Cowan Endowed Chair for Professional Development in Administrative Services

Recipients of the Endowed Chairs will be granted a professional development account of $2,500 to be used in pursuing approved professional development activities. Activities may include travel, study and related expenses. Non-traditional, creative activities are also encouraged. Endowed Chair funds may also be used for part-time replacement costs to make time available for research and creative or study activities.

The Endowed Chair program is a merit program. In the event applications do not meet the program criteria, the award may be delayed to a subsequent year. When granted, the award will be available to the recipient for a two-year period. The award may be expended in less than a two-year period; however, it will not be granted more than once in a two-year period.


Full-time faculty may apply for the Endowed Chair in their respective academic areas.
Full-time faculty in Developmental Education and Academic Support and full-time professional staff in Student Affairs may apply for the Student Enrichment Chair. All other full-time personnel may apply for the Administrative Services chair. Eligibility is independent of any other awards or leaves the applicant may have received or may be seeking, and recipients may reapply without a waiting period.


The submission of the official Application for Endowed Chair form (see college intranet site for form must be accompanied by a narrative including the following:

  1. Evidence of demonstrated commitment to learning and college service.
  2. A detailed description of the proposed professional development activity or project including its purpose, objectives, and timeline for completion.
  3. An explanation of the relevance of the activity to the applicant’s Performance Enrichment Plan (PEP Plan).
  4. The expected outcomes and anticipated impact on the college mission.
  5. A tentative budget not to exceed $2,500.

Applications may include letters of support or endorsement and must include a copy of the applicant’s approvedPerformance Enrichment Plan (PEP Plan).

Selection Criteria

A selection committee will review applications for the following:

  1. Completeness of application
  2. Degree to which the proposal contributes to achievement of professional development
  3. Project feasibility
  4. Evidence of commitment to learning and college service

The spirit of the Endowed Chair Program is to reward college service and to provide support for its continuation; therefore, applicants are encouraged to document their service with thoroughness.

Selection Committee

The selection committee members shall include the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, the Vice President of Administrative Services, and the Director of Assessment, Planning and Research and shall be chaired by the President. Applicants should submit completed applications to the chair of the selection committee.