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Nursing Research Page

Guidelines for Nursing Books

1. Current nursing books, usually no older than five years, have the prefix "Nursing" ahead of the call number on the spine of the book. The CMC Consortium Catalog shows the prefix "Nursing" for current nursing books.
2. Nursing books are shelved within the general circulating collection or within the Reference collection according to the Library of Congress classification system. Other materials shelved in the vicinity of nursing books, but not marked with the "Nursing" prefix, are inappropriate for curriculum-related research on current nursing topics.
3. Books on the history of medicine and nursing may be found in the vicinity of other nursing books. These other items are not marked with the "Nursing" prefix, but may be used when researching the history and development of the nursing profession.
4.  Nursing faculty may place library or personal copies of nursing books "on Reserve." These items are available at the Circulation Desk. Usually the faculty place restrictions on circulation of these items, for instance: overnight, 3 days, 1 week, etc.
5. All nursing books are selected for the library collection by the nursing faculty. The library staff orders these materials and processes items as they are received. Please alert nursing faculty or library staff if needed materials are unavailable. Interlibrary loan may be used to acquire materials to meet immediate needs, usually at little or no cost. Ask library staff for assistance if you wish to use this service.
6. The nursing collection is weeded annually by nursing faculty to remove items more than five years old. Some materials may be retained and reshelved following consultation with and approval by the Nursing Director (example: newer edition or similar material cannot be located; topics may not be time-sensitive, e.g., communication skills.) A note will be included in books to explain why they are retained beyond the usual weeding cycle.
7. Items removed during weeding are disposed of according to library policy. In some cases, the Nursing prefix will be removed and the book status changed to general circulation.
8.  Students are encouraged to seek assistance from library staff if they have any questions about using the library or finding needed materials.