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star You can access a list of passwords for all the Library's subscription databases after logging in to Moodle. Click on "My Home" and look in the left column for the LIBRARY RESOURCES box. The passwords are listed in a PDF document entitled DATABASE PASSWORDS. star
The latest NC LIVE password will be available on the first of August and will be valid through the month of August of the following year. If you don't have access to Moodle, a password can be requested by emailing
(Please provide full name, and last 4 numbers of your SS OR your student ID no. for verification.)

What is NC LIVE?

NC LIVE consists of a huge collection of information found in databases and websites made available through all state public and academic libraries via the Internet by the state of North Carolina. The information includes articles in thousands of magazines, journals and newspapers, as well as contents of encyclopedias, directories, proceedings, almanacs, and worldwide library catalogs.

How can I get to NC LIVE?  Do I need a password?

How do I use NC LIVE to find information?

Use the integrated search found on the NC LIVE home page. With this search, all of NC LIVE's databases are searched at the same time, and the result list is a compilation of matching results from all sources. Or, you can choose to explore resources organized on the home page under broad subject areas and categories (ebooks, newspapers, magazine and journal articles, etc.). Alternatively, click the Browse tab and select from databases organized by broad subject categories. Use the limiters on the left side of the results screen to narrow your search.

What if I need help using NC LIVE?

View the tutorials Using NC LIVE, Parts 1 and 2 below for an introduction. Also, you can click on the Help tab at the right of the heading on the NC LIVE home page. If you need more help using NC LIVE, the library staff will be glad to assist: in person; over the telephone (828-395-1307); or by email , or you can get help at NCKnows almost 24/7!

Using NC LIVE for Research, Parts One and Two

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