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Interlibrary Loan

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What is interlibrary loan?
Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service through which library patrons may borrow material from distant libraries through their local library. In the College library, this service normally is requested when a student or faculty member needs a specific title or other material which is unavailable in local libraries.

What types of materials may be borrowed?
Books and journal articles (although not entire issues) are materials loaned most frequently by other libraries via ILL.  Reference books and dissertations are less likely to be loaned, and most libraries do not loan videotapes.

NOTE:  Borrowing Materials from CMC Libraries
Materials in Rutherford and Polk County libraries may now be requested for circulation purposes, as the Consortium libraries have established a courier system for transporting materials on a regular basis. Materials from any CMC library can be borrowed using the CMC card, available at no charge from any member library. For the member list, see page 11 (p. 14 of the PDF file) of the Library Handbook

Does it cost anything?
Normal processing costs (mailing, faxing, etc.) are absorbed by the borrowing library, and libraries generally do not charge for lending books through ILL. However, libraries sending copies of articles occasionally charge photocopying fees, and a few libraries include a service charge for lending out materials. For this reason, we ask that you record the maximum amount which you are willing to pay for each item on the appropriate ILL form.

How long does it take to get materials through ILL?
The speed at which ILL requests are received is dependent on multiple factors, including the speed of processing at the lending library and the efficiency of the postal service. For practical purposes, we estimate that the arrival time of requested material will be approximately 10 days. Please keep this delay in mind when considering using the ILL service.

How will I get and return the material?
Materials are picked up at the library after a member of the library staff calls to inform you that your order has arrived. Books must be returned to the library by the due date written on the included slip. Articles do not need to be returned. Please note that failure to return books borrowed via ILL in a timely manner can result in loss of ILL privileges.

Special Note to Distance Learning Students
The library will mail Isothermal materials that you request to the address you provide on your completed Interlibrary Loan form, on the condition that you reside outside the county and do not attend any classes on campus. Otherwise, materials will be held at the library for pickup.

The CMC Library Consortium Catalog can be used to locate Isothermal Library materials. To request an item, transfer the information from the catalog record of the item to the Interlibrary Loan form. (Use the appropriate "Request" link below.) If the item is a book, the date due will be included on a slip inserted into the book. Books must be returned, in person or through the mail, to Isothermal Library by the due date to avoid incurring fines.

How do I make a request for interlibrary loan service?
Complete and submit the form at the appropriate link below: 

Request a Book   Request an Article

Can I renew something if I need it longer?
The lending library determines the due date of the loaned material and whether it may be renewed. Howwever, if you need an ILL item for a longer period, contact the Interlibrary Loan Technician at Isothermal library at least three days in advance of the due date, either by calling (828) 395-1525, or via email (use link in box below). The ILL Technician will then contact the lending library for permission to renew, and will contact you with the update.

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