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Gale Literary Index Database

The Gale Literary Index contains no full text; its purpose is to be used to search for the information on authors and titles contained in Gale publications. The results of a search will show you the Gale series, volumes and page numbers where the information you need is located. When you use the Index, be ready to copy all this information; then compare the Gale titles in your list to the list below, to see what resources are available for you to use in the college library.

Isothermal Community College Library owns the following Gale publications that are included in the Literary Index:

Title of Gale Publication Volumes Call Number
African-American Writers 1 Ref PS153 .N5 A344 1991
American Writers 1-4 Ref PS129 .A55
American Writers Supplement 1-4, Retrospective suppl. Ref PS129 .A55 SUPPL.
Black Writers 1 Ref E185 .96 .B545 1989
British Writers 1-8 Ref PR85 .B688
British Writers Supplement 1-5 Ref PR85 .B688 Suppl.
Contemporary American Dramatists 1 Ref PS352 .C65 1994
Contemporary Authors 1-275 Ref Z1224 .C58 E156
Contemporary Authors New Revision Series 1-105 Ref Z1224 .C58 E156
Contemporary Authors Permanent Series 1-2 Ref Z1224 .C58 E156
Contemporary British Dramatists 1 Ref PR736 .C577 1994
Contemporary Literary Criticism 1-264 Ref PN771 .C59
Contemporary Women Dramatists 1 Ref PR736 .C58 1994
Dictionary of Literary Biography 1-80, 82-141, 143, 146,
152-153, 156, 162, 173,
176, 191, 197, 199, 218
Ref PS area; individual call nos.
Drama Criticism 1-25 Ref PN1601 .D59
European Writers 1-14 Ref PN501 .E9 1983
Gay & Lesbian Literature 1 Ref PN56 .H57 G36 1994
Literature and Its Times 1-5 Ref PN50 .L574 1997
Modern American Women Writers 1 Ref PS151 .M54 1991
Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism 1-109 Ref PN 761 .N56
Novels for Students 1-25 Ref PN3385 .N68
Poetry Criticism 1-10 Ref PN1111 .P63 1991
Poetry for Students 1-15 Ref PN1101 .P576 1998
Short Stories for Students 1-26 Ref PN3373 .S3845
Short Stories for Students Online 1-38 Gale Virtual Reference Library
Short Story Criticism 1-6 Ref PN3373 .S386
Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism 1-117 Ref PN771 .G27
William Shakespeare 1-3 Ref PR2976 .W5354 1985
World Literature and Its Times 1-3 Ref PN50 .W574

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