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Charles P. Wiggins, Director of Library Services

Library Services for Faculty and Staff

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Welcome to the Library!

What We Can Do for You

RESERVES  We will put items such as books or articles on the reserve shelves at the circulation desk, or create e-reserves (digital documents) from print originals that you can post on Moodle for use with your classes.

LINKS TO TOPICAL SITES  We will post links to resources for special assignments on our Course-Related Internet Links page linked from the library homepage. Please let us know at least a week in advance of the assignment so we can research the subject, assemble the links, and have the information published online when needed.

BIBLIOGRAPHIES  We will research and compile bibliographies from our online catalog and/or prepare "webliographies" of electronic sites. We will have these printed as handouts upon request.

REFERENCE  We provide "quick reference" information via telephone, email, or in person, and we are happy to assist you with more extensive research for instructional purposes as time permits.

INSTRUCTION  An introduction to information literacy and to using print and electronic resources is provided in the freshman ACA 115 course. At faculty request, instruction in research methods, use of available resources, evaluation and documentation of sources, information ethics, etc. will be provided. The library staff will be glad to discuss the requirements of your course and customize instruction to meet specific needs. We are always available to faculty and students for point-of-use assistance.

What You Can Do For Us

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT  Faculty assistance in selecting materials to meet the needs of students is important and always appreciated, and we accept requests at any time, in any format. We welcome you to search for and select materials and send your requests to library staff by email or telephone. We will let you know when items that you have requested arrive.

Library Collections and Resources

BOOKS AND MEDIA  The college library is a member of the CMC Library Consortium, a cooperative of the county, municipal, and college libraries serving Rutherford and Polk counties. The college library has more than 38,000 books and a substantial collection of DVDs and CDs. The Consortium as a whole has over 250,000 items, all of which are indexed in the CMC Library Consortium Catalog, and most of which can be checked out using a common library card. Ebooks are also accessible via NC LIVE and NC Digital Library.

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES  The current issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education is available online for your perusal, in addition to searchable back issues. The library provides access to NC LIVE, a collection of databases made available via the Internet by the state of North Carolina to its public and academic libraries, as well as databases for research in health and medicine, history, literature, and current issues. Access links to NC LIVE and Credo Reference are available in the left column after login to Moodle, as well as a linked Word document containing current passwords to all research database accessible to the college community. For anyone without access to Moodle, passwords for off-campus use of NC LIVE and selected databases may be obtained at the library circulation desk or by emailing For more information on NC LIVE, see the NC LIVE Information webpage.

MAGAZINES AND JOURNALS IN PRINT  A listing of the library's periodical subscriptions, and holdings of local newspapers in print and on microfilm can be found in the library's Periodicals Reading Room or on the library webpage under Subscription to Print Periodicals.

MICROFILM  Microfilm of census records, county court records, and local newspapers are available in the Old Tryon Historical Collection. See Historical Records on Microfilm for more information.

LIBRARY WEBSITE  Library staff design and maintain the library website for easy access to the online catalog, NC LIVE and other datatbases, and resources to assist students in learning the principles of information literacy, performing research, documenting information resources, and writing papers. Links to guides, handouts, resources for special assignments, and information for distance learners and the Hispanic community are provided.


Library Equipment, Facilities, and Other Services

PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTERS The library has twenty PCs and two Macs in the lobby that provide access to the Internet, to research databases, and to Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint. The computers are for use by students, faculty and the public; those under sixteen (unless they are REaCH students) must be accompanied by an adult. To use a library terminal, users enter a code--used for statistical purposes--from the list posted on the monitors. Black and white prints can be made for $.05; color prints for $.30.

COMPUTER LAB  A twenty-four seat computer lab, located in the back of the library, may be reserved for occasional use by supervised classes and for training. A ceiling-mounted data projector is connected to an instructional terminal for projection on a wall screen, and a networked printer is available. Contact library staff for lab availability and guidelines for use.

PHOTOCOPIER  A public photocopier with numerous features is available in the lobby. Copies are ten cents for any size; faculty and staff may use the photocopier at no charge for instructional use. The Campus Print Shop should be used for reproduction of handouts and other high-volume copying.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN  Library staff can initiate requests for books or articles, not available locally, through Interlibrary Loan. Check the Interlibrary Loan link on the library webpage for details.

DISABILITIES ASSISTANCE/ACCESS  Wheelchairs are accommodated by an entrance ramp, a push-plate triggered automatic door, and a wheelchair-accessible restroom. Computer terminals with Internet access, word processing and other capabilities are accessible to persons in wheelchairs, and headphones are available to those who require access to Internet audio.

LIBRARY BOOK SALE   Items weeded from the Library collection and donated items deemed inappropriate for addition to the collection are put up for sale to the general public in the Library lobby, at $.25 for paperbacks and $.50 for hardbacks. Items on sale are available to faculty and staff at no charge.

See Library Services: The Library Handbook for more information on library services, policies, and procedures.

Contacting the Library Staff
Please stop by, telephone, or email us with your questions, requests, suggestions, or concerns.

Charles P. Wiggins, Director of the Library 395-1306
Engle Troxler, Reference/Circulation Librarian 395-4217
Becky Cleland, Evening Librarian 395-1525

LINKS to Sites of Interest

Please note:  Some of the links on this page go to external web sites that are not connected with Isothermal Community College. Including them on this page does not indicate any endorsement by Isothermal and Isothermal is not responsible for the accuracy of their content.

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Some links on this site go to external web sites not connected with Isothermal Community College. Their inclusion is not an endorsement by Isothermal and Isothermal is not responsible for accuracy of their content.