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Prepare for the Placement Assessment

The free Accuplacer Web-based Study App takes you through practice questions similar to those on the placement assessment in both math and English. It provides you with explanation of the correct and incorrect responses. You can review your score history to identify areas of strength and weakness.

The free NC DAP Online Course and Practice Assessment through Longdsdale Publishing helps students become familiar with all aspects of the placement assessment. It is a self-paced course and the practice tests provide you with scoring and areas that need additional remediation. The course will provide the additional remediation as well. Download the logon information sheet to access the course.

Download and print a hard-copy version of the sample questions for both math and English that are included in the Accuplacer Study App.

The WritePlacer Essay Guide can be downloaded and printed to provide you with samples of the essay portion of the English assessment. This guide has sample essays along with grading explanations to help you write the best possible essay.

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