Isothermal Community CollegeFoothills Nursing Consortium

Selection Process and Procedures

After the admissions requirement criteria are met, the selection process for accepting students into the program begins.

If notified by the Admissions Office, eligible applicants shall report for the PSB Nursing School Aptitude Examinations-RN (Fee is $20.00). Health forms will be provided.
Minumum weighted score of 45 is required.

Notifications will be mailed to those eligible for a group information session. This session will be scheduled with the nursing advisor, nursing director, and assistant to the nursing director.

Final Selection: In order to be considered for admission, each student must meet the stated deadlines and admission requirements. The applicant must have three favorable references (Likert scale average or higher; recommended without reservation), up-to-date immunizations and a completed medical form by his/her primary health care provider or MD.  As part of the completed medical forms, the provider must indicate the applicant has “physical and emotional health” specified in the essential functions that have been articulated for the AD Nursing program. If these requirements are satisfied, then the applicant will be selected on the basis of earned points determined by 1) PSB-RN graph, 2) GPA, and 3) success in previous (high school or college) education. Written notification of acceptance will be mailed by the admitting college and the AD Nursing Director.            

Dates/Deadlines for Fall 2014 Admission

General Admission requirements completed
Jan. 21

PSB Aptitude Examination
Feb. 11

Eligible students information will be mailed
Feb. 25

Group information sessions
March 3 - 7

Completed health forms due
March 17

Final Selection
March 25

Program will start August 2014.