Isothermal Community College

Teams for the Advancement of the Learning College

Academic Advising Taskforce

The function of the Academic Advising Taskforce is to review and support the academic advising system on our campus. The functions will include:

  • Determining areas where professional development is needed for advisors.
  • Developing a training program and professional development opportunities for advisors that exceed the mechanics of registration.
  • Promoting “Developmental Advising” practices on campus.
  • Working to ensure that advisors are informed about the advising system on our campus.
  • Brainstorming attributes to improve the advising system to ensure that the needs of all are effectively met.

The Chair and Vice-Chair (or Co-Chairs) of the taskforce will serve on the TALC Leadership Team.


Jessi Fletcher
Advising Coordinator

Jamey Spratt
Math Instructor