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Anyone who is a victim of or a witness to a criminal action on the campus of Isothermal Community College should notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities by dialing 9-911. In addition, the campus switchboard should be notified by dialing 0. The operator will notify the college administration and campus security. If you cannot reach the operator, call Plant Operations (ext. 398 or 233) or the Vice President of Administrative Services (ext. 202).

When you are reporting a criminal activity or violent crime, stay as calm as possible and include the following information in your report to Emergency Medical Services at 9-911, the switchboard operator (0), or Plant Operations (233 or 398):

  • nature of the incident
  • location on campus by building name
  • description of person(s) involved

Please stay on the phone as long as you can or until told to hang up by the 911 or the responding operator.

An incident report must be submitted to college administration or campus security as soon as possible. Additional information and a copy of the incident report form can be found in the GroupWise Documents Library and the college website and is also available through the Dean of Student Services, the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance or the Vice President of Administrative Services.

If you observe a suspicious person or a suspicious situation, call the switchboard operator at “0” at once.  If unable to reach the switchboard, call Plant Operations (ext. 398 or 233) or the Vice President of Administrative Services (ext. 202).


Isothermal Community College is open to students and visitors on a regularly scheduled basis Monday – Friday.  Some classes and special events are scheduled on weekends.

Campus security staff secures all buildings after regularly scheduled activities have ended for the day.

Security Services  (Ref. Safety Manual)

Staff may contact security personnel by dialing “0” and asking the switchboard operator to page security or by dialing Ext. 233, Plant Operations and Maintenance between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. After 4:30 p.m. staff should call ext 267 and ask that security be paged. Staff should also know that there is a call box on the walk across from the amphitheater.

Campus security staff patrols the campus constantly and should be notified of any criminal actions or actions of a suspicious nature.  Dial “0” and the switchboard operator will contact campus security, or dial 289-1393.

Campus security is not necessarily trained in law enforcement and is instructed not to confront individuals suspected of committing a criminal action unless the action is directed at an individual.  In this event, the security staff will render whatever assistance possible and contact law enforcement for assistance.

Campus security staff is not empowered with enforcement authority.  They serve as observers and provide a direct link to the various law enforcement agencies.

In emergencies, staff may dial 9-911 for EMS or for law enforcement or for fire department assistance.


Each year new students are informed of the security procedures and what they should do if they are a victim or witness to a criminal action.  This information and other safety measures are discussed with new students in ACA 115 and presented in the Student Handbook.  The Student Handbook is distributed to all students registering in the fall and all new students in the spring and summer semesters.


The College shall publish each year in the Student Handbook statistics concerning the occurrence on campus, during the three preceding school years for which data are available, of the following criminal offenses reported to campus security or administration or the local police agencies:  (a) murder (b) sex offenses (forcible or non-forcible), (c) robbery, (d) aggravated assault, (e) burglary, and (f) motor vehicle theft (g) manslaughter, (h) arson, (i) hate crimes, (j) liquor law violations, (k) drug-related transgressions, and (l) weapons possession.

In addition, the College will record statistics concerning the number of arrests for the following crimes occurring on campus:  (a) liquor law violations, (b) drug abuse violations, and (c) weapons possessions.

Students who are involved in criminal activity (on campus or through college sponsored activities) or other activities that violate the student code of conduct will be subject to College judicial procedures and possibly referred to local authorities for prosecution.  For further information on student rights, responsibilities, and judicial procedures (including information on disciplinary proceedings and related sanctions), see Appendix A of the Student Handbook.

If crimes are reported to campus security or local authorities that are considered to represent a continuing threat to the campus community, timely warning will be provided to the campus community.


The College will publish each year in the Student Handbook the announcement that information regarding registered sex offenders in the local region may be obtained by contacting the Rutherford County Sheriff’s department or at the website:

Policy No: 601-02-03AP

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Adopted:  May 22, 1991
Amended:  September 14, 1999; July 20, 2006; January 28, 2009