Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

Important Term Information


Award Amounts

Financial aid award amounts will be based on full-time enrollment rather than actual enrollment status.  If you are enrolled less than full-time, your award amounts will be prorated.  Also keep in mind that if you are enrolled in a Vocational/Diploma program, your hours are calculated based on a clock-to-credit-hour conversion and may reduce your amount of financial aid.   

Late Start Courses

Financial aid will not be disbursed to students for late start courses until attendance is verified in the course(s).  As in the past, students will continue to register for all courses, late start included, prior to the Pell Recaluculation Date (census date). Tuition and fees will be charged for all courses at the time of registration. Students will be allowed to charge textbooks for all courses, late start included, on Bookstore charge dates.  Once the course starts and attendance is verified, additional funds will be disbursed to the student on scheduled disbursement dates. If the late start class does not increase the student’s enrollment status, no additional funds will be disbursed. 

State Grants

Some students may have been awarded one or more of the following North Carolina grants.

  • North Carolina Community College Grant (NCCCG), including Full-Time PLUS Grant for 15 credit hours or more
  • North Carolina Educational Lottery Scholarship (NCELS)

Please note that the amounts listed for the grants are for FULL-TIME enrollment.  If you attend less than full-time, these grants WILL BE PRORATED.  Students who elect to attend in a less than half time status will not be eligible to receive funds from these programs.  These grants are NOT awarded during the summer term.

Pell Checks

If a student has excess funds remaining on their account after all charges have been deducted, the college will issue the student a check in the amount of the excess.  Please visit Dates and Deadlines for Financial Aid Disbursment dates.