Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

2018-2019 Financial Aid Forms

Forms are PDF format and were created with Adobe Acrobat. You will need to obtain a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms.  You may fax the completed forms to 828-286-8109 or scan and e-mail to  Please do not email sensitive information such as tax documents, social security numbers, or other personally identifiable information.  Please make sure all forms are filled out completely with a hand printed signature.  We do not accept electronic signatures.

Cash Asset Verification Form

Childcare Application

Citizenship Status Confirmation Sheet

Correction to FAFSA Signature Page (for missing Parent Information)

FAFSA Signature Page

Form 4506-T

Household Size/Number in College Form

Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Form

Income Information for Parent Non-tax Filer(s) Form

Income Information for Student Non-tax Filer(s) Form

Other Untaxed Income Form

Professional Judgement Request

Proof of Dependents Form

Selective Service Form

Student Aid Eligibility Worksheet

Verification of Bachelor Degree 

2018-2019 Institutional Scholarship Application

2018-2019 Award Packet