Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

Golden LEAF Scholars Program

The Golden LEAF Scholars Program – Two-Year Colleges provides grants for curriculum degree seeking students and occupational education students to be applied toward their tuition, registration fees, and related expenses at the community college where they are enrolled. Students are required to submit their social security number and address to receive an award.

  • Recipients must be a permanent resident of one of the eligible counties as designated by the Golden LEAF Foundation.  Please note: Polk County residents are not eligible.
  • Show financial need. All students will be required to disclose other financial aid awards in order for funding to meet the needs of the broad population of students. Curriculum students should demonstrate a need based on FAFSA information.
  • Occupational Extension students should demonstrate a need under federal TRIO formula.) This criterion will be used so occupational education students will not need to file a Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA).
  • Degree seeking students must be enrolled full-time for a full award. Less than full-time students may be considered pending the availability of funds.
  • Funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation, and childcare. Computer software, uniforms and other needed supplies related to a student’s classes are acceptable under supplies.
  • Students do not have to show they have been affected by the decline in the tobacco industry.

Finalists meeting all the eligibility criteria will undergo a separate “merit” competition. Selection is based on:

  • The effect of the declining economy on his or her family.
  • Academic record
  • Overall evaluation of the application
  • Leadership and community service

Application Process

  • Students will file a Golden LEAF Scholars application. Applications will be filed with college financial aid offices and should NOT be sent to North Carolina Community College System. Applications need to be completed for each award period. Students will file a Golden LEAF Scholars application when this process opens each term.
  • Applicants bear full responsibility for completing the Golden LEAF application prior to each deadline.
  • Applicants will complete the waiver form for use of their social security numbers. (Social security numbers will be used for tracking purposes only.)
  • A selection committee comprised of college personnel from various areas of the college to review student applications.
  • The committee will select recipients for awards. Individual award amounts are set at the discretion of the college up to $750 for curriculum students and $250 for occupational education students per semester.
  • The committee will meet at least once during the award semesters and on an as-needed basis throughout the year.
  • Financial Aid Offices send recipient information to the NC system office.
  • Colleges may redistribute funds caused by student withdrawal or other circumstances to other eligible students. Colleges must provide NCCCS with the new student’s name, award amount, use of funds, social security number, and waiver form.