Isothermal Community College

Office of Admissions

Residency Status

Understanding In-State vs. Out-of-State

In-state tuition rates cannot be granted to out-of-state students unless they have been in North Carolina for more than one year and can prove their intention to make NC their permanent home. If you have received an “out of state” letter, please be aware that you have been flagged as an out-of-state student, and your tuition rates may be higher than those of in-state students. If you feel that your situation warrants a review of your status, please contact the Director of Enrollment Management at 828-395-1495 for more information.

Out-of-State Rates Do Not Prevent Acceptance Into College

Please be aware that being an out-of-state student will not impact your ability to be accepted into a program at Isothermal Community College; it simply indicates the type of tuition rates that will apply.

Implications For Financial Aid

If you have been awarded financial aid, please be aware that as an “out-of-state” student your Pell grant may not cover all your tuition costs, and you should be prepared to make up the difference yourself.