Isothermal Community College

Office of Admissions

Transfer Students

Isothermal Community College gladly accepts transfer students. When transferring to Isothermal, it is important to know that we require students to complete 50% of their coursework at Isothermal. This may limit the amount of transfer credit students can receive from previous institutions. When applying for admission as a transfer student, our transcript evaluator will examine transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities and award credit for courses completed with a grade of ‘C” or better  that are required for the program applied under on the application. We will not award transfer credit for courses that do not relate to the major at Isothermal nor for coursework completed at a non-accredited college or university.  We accept transcripts from Regionally Accredited Colleges and Universities only. International transcripts must be evaluated at the expense of the student by an accredited evaluation company such as World Education Services ( or Global Credential Evaluators ( before being submitted to Isothermal for awarding of credit.  For questions about transfer credits, please contact the transcript evaluator at 828-395-4201. For additional admissions questions, contact the Admissions Office at 828-395-1442.