Isothermal Community College

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when to apply?

Complete the on-line admission application. You can complete an application on-line or in person in the Career Center.

Who do I need to contact when I want to apply?

You need to contact the pre-nursing advisor, Tina Porter, in the Advising Center. Her phone number is 828-395-1621.

How much does the program cost?

The costs may vary from year to year, but the approximate costs are $5,200.00 for the entire year. See the approximate program costs.

Do I have to be certified as a Nursing Assistant I to be considered for admission?

Yes. Please see the admission applicant packet for deadlines. Please bring proof of your NA I certification, when you anticipate completing the NA I class, or when you anticipate taking the challenge exam.

When are classes scheduled?

Each semester, the class times will vary. See the PNE semester schedule or approximate days and times.

Are any of the classes taught on-line?

No, but students are required to have an Isothermal email account and access Moodle for each class.

Where are the classes taught?

All instruction is held in the Rutherford Learning Center building. Classroom instruction is held in Room 304. Lab instruction is held in Room 306. Computer instruction is held in Room 310.

Are the classes and clinical taught on the same days and times each semester?

No, the class days and times as well as the clinical days and times change each semester. The class will either be on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

The clinical days will be the opposite; if class is on M/W, then clinical will be on T/Th. Due to scheduling, there will be an occasional Friday class or clinical. 

Where do the students go to clinical?

Clinical opportunities are scheduled in Rutherford, Burke, Cleveland, and McDowell counties. Students report to area hospitals, physician offices, and long term care facilities. 

Do I have to purchase the same uniform as other students?

Yes. All students are required to wear the same uniforms. Each student will be given a list of the items required. Some of the items have to be purchased at Read’s Uniforms and others can be bought where ever the student chooses.

Do I have to have my own health insurance?

It is not required for our program, but you are still responsible for any health care costs related to any accident or injury that may occur in a clinical setting.

Do I have to purchase malpractice insurance?

No, Malpractice insurance is provided for you by Isothermal Community College while you are a student.

Do I have to complete a criminal background check?

Yes, but that information will be given to you after you are accepted into the program. Isothermal Community College does not have access to the results. However, if a clinical agency does not allow you to come to their facility based on your background report, you cannot continue in the course.

Are computer skills required?

Yes, but you will not be tested on your computer skills. You will be required to complete a computer tutorial at the beginning to assess/confirm your computer knowledge.