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Every process falls short of its best performance. From the top-level leadership team decision-making processes, to the management/office planning and organizing processes, to the production/service processes, it doesn’t matter. They all routinely fail to hit the mark.

You can easily do something about it. When the performance gap in your plant or business can be improved through training, Isothermal Community College can be your training partner. We offer many public, open-enrollment courses to meet business needs; or, we can design and deliver customized training to help our business partners create and implement effective solutions and take advantage of business opportunities. We can provide this training on campus, or in your company boardroom or training facility, or on the production floor.

We are fortunate at Isothermal Community College to have access to an exceptional depth and breadth of business expertise.  Not only can we provide first-rate training to meet your more immediate requirements, we can also provide extended post-training implementation support for significant longer-range improvement projects.

When should you contact Isothermal Community College for training in the Leadership, Management, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing disciplines?

You should contact Isothermal Community College when:

  • Process variation is high and you need Six Sigma skills to analyze and correct the problem.
  • Your production processes are inefficient and fat with waste and you must “Lean Out” your operations to be competitive.
  • You are considering a project that will significantly alter the way business is done and/or that will affect many people across multiple departments.
  • Scrap rates or rework is persistently high.
  • You are seeking initial ISO 9001:2000 certification or transition assistance to the 2000 standard.
  • Customer satisfaction levels are a persistent problem.
  • You have basic, on-going training requirements and your internal training resources are overextended.
  • You have good people that have had little or no leadership training and development.
  • There are training needs but no existing program to meet those needs and customized materials should be developed.
  • Training needs to be done on a flexible schedule

If one or more of these points fits your situation, contact Mark Franklin to talk about your needs.