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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing has proven to be a successful improvement philosophy for companies from major corporations to family owned businesses. Lean implementations at companies result in improved productivity, lower costs and improved quality which make for stronger more viable companies. In a worldwide economy, our companies need to continue to get better to survive and thrive into the future. However, many small companies have not had the resources to learn and employ this methodology. These 3 core Lean classes will give small companies world class training in our local community. Classes are provided at no charge to small companies in our area. Companies are encouraged to send 2-3 people to each class to help jump start their lean implementations. Companies can get access to additional lean resources once the 3 training classes are completed.

 "Lean is not about making people work faster or harder. It is about establishing a system so that work units and/or information can flow through work processes at the pace of customer demand."

LEAN 100: Lean Manufacturing Principles with Factory Simulation

Make better products, faster, for less money with "lean" production techniques based on the Toyota Production System. Learn principles used by world-class manufacturers and learn how to engage your entire workforce to build top-quality goods with minimal wasted time, effort, and material. Learn to involve workers in making production smoother from start to finish; learn to stage materials, tools, and information so individual tasks and entire product changeovers take less time; learn to build products that will thrill your customers -- without retooling your entire factory.
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Value Stream Mapping 202

Mapping out the "value stream" in your operation will enable you to minimize wasted labor, time, and materials. Streamlined work processes allow for shorter lead times for supplies, faster changeover of products, and reduced operating costs -- which means more profit to use in improving and expanding your product line and capturing more of the market. Value Stream Mapping is a powerful technique for visualizing the flow of raw materials, information, and finished products through all production steps from receiving to shipping. You start by mapping your "current state," to identify all the inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and plan your way ahead by mapping an "ideal state" and the steps it will take to get there.
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5S Visual Systems / Standardized Work

Lean manufacturing makes it possible for workers to produce high-quality products quickly and consistently. The 5S Visual Systems approach gives workers exactly what they need to perform each specific task -- and gives them a renewed sense of pride in their workplace and individual performance. Standardized Work is the foundation for building your future success, as it ensures consistent results and establishes a baseline for future improvement. These back-to-back workshops provide in-depth instruction in two vital elements of lean operations and continuous improvement
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