Isothermal Community College

Customized Training and Development

Customized Training Program

Designed for Businesses Adding Jobs in North Carolina

When your business is expanding or if your business is new to North Carolina, Isothermal Community College can support your growth as your training partner. We can design and deliver training programs to assist your start up or expansion, and we may be able to direct state resources to reimburse you for certain internal training efforts.

When can Customized Training help your business?

  • When your expansion or start-up will add North Carolina jobs
  • When these jobs are full-time positions with benefits
  • When technology specialists are needed to train a cadre of new people
  • When trainees need to be practicing on your own production equipment
  • When on-site training would help your new workers adjust
  • When training needs to be done on a flexible schedule
  • When the business process needs to be defined before training


In order to receive assistance, eligible businesses and industries must demonstrate two or more of the following criteria:

  • The business is making an appreciable capital investment;
  • The business is deploying new technology;
  • The business is creating jobs, expanding an existing workforce, or enhancing the productivity and profitability of the operations within the State; and,
  • The skills of the work will be enhanced by the assistance.

Designed for Existing Businesses Who Need Training Assistance

Isothermal Community College can also assist when the performance gap in your plant or business could be improved through training. We can design and deliver, often at your location, a training program to solve your specific problems.

When is Customized Training the right for your situation?

  • When you have a business or production problem
  • When training can improve your company’s production
  • When training can improve your company’s sales
  • When training can help meet customer requirements
  • When training can help improve measurable results
  • When on-site training works better for you
  • When training needs to be done on a flexible schedule
  • When you need a technical specialist to do the training

If one or more of these points fits your situation, contact Mike Saunders to talk about your needs. A sample of Customized Training topics we can deliver:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 
  • Spanish for the Workplace 
  • Measuring Tools for Industry
  • Industrial Electric
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Basic Welding
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Computer applications
  • Basic Machining
  • Blueprint Reading
  • CNC Machining
For more information contact Mark Franklin at (828) 395-1677, or via e-mail at