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--- Meet JOSH HALL ---

Born and raised in Florida, after years of being switched between public, private, and homeschooling situations, my family decided to relocate to North Carolina. My background had made me very adaptable, and my new community connections led to meeting and marrying my wife. Along with working full-time, I had begun my degree program at Isothermal, but had to put something on the back burner temporarily with the birth of our first child in 2010. I was subsequently offered an opportunity to complete my degree and then offered a new job opportunity as well.

I have always had a passion for photography, so when I came back to finish my degree I was excited to take all the photography classes that I could. I have had a blast learning new techniques and creating published pieces which were selected for awards.

Now in my final semester, I will graduate with my Associates’ degree in Advertising & Graphic Design in May. Currently, I already run my own freelance business called Candid Bella Photography & Design, and will continue to take portrait, wedding, landscape, and architectural photos with an eye towards opening a studio somewhere eventually to continue pursuing my passion.

After graduation, I hope to find a job with an emphasis on photography and graphic design which will allow me to use my graphics skills including Adobe Creative software, typography, logo and product design and my additional education in Content Management Systems for web development.