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--- Meet CAIN BANKS ---

Born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina, I have been surrounded by beauty for most of my life. As a child I was brought up in my father’s tattoo shop in Lake Lure, North Carolina, immersed for many years in the images that covered the walls as well as the images chosen by the clients to immortalize the human canvas; this influenced my personal style of artwork profoundly. As I grew older, I also discovered an admiration for animation and graphic novels, again influencing the way I draw.

Today I am pursuing my Associates’ Degree in Advertising & Graphic Design at Isothermal Community College. I have made use of my time here to broaden my skill set beyond traditional artistic media, and I have learned to think more like a graphic designer, while maintaining the creative mentality of an artist.

So far, along with my online product shop, I have also received awards for cover designs published in the annual Anuran literary magazine, designed the cover images for singles for several regional bands and one in Chicago, and developed web images for a startup clothing line in Los Angeles. After I receive my degree, I will continue to work on creating my brand --- specializing in graphic media --- while also furthering my education with animation studies at a four-year university.