Isothermal Community College

Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology

Austin Jackson Photo


Having been homeschooled the majority of my life, I saw college as a fresh opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and gain a deeper outlook on life. The self-paced work I was used to had already accustomed me to setting high goals and standards concerning school and other activities. Furthermore, it instilled confidence when challenged by putting into effect what my grandfather had told me during my early childhood, “If you’re going to do something, do it right!” I’ve been demonstrating these work ethics in my college and work experiences by advancing well beyond my teachers’ and employers’ expectations.

Throughout my college career, I have received numerous awards and certificates for my progress and excellence in Photography and Graphic Design including my cover design selected and published for the annual Anuran literary and art magazine, the new logo design for the NC Tutoring & Learning Association, and developing the logo for the college’s Peer to Peer Mentoring program. Meanwhile, I have also been putting all my skills to use working in the Campus Print Shop.

This semester, I will graduate with my Associate’s degree in Advertising & Graphic Design, and I plan to continue my educational journey here at Isothermal with a few additional courses. My ideal career situation would involve creative collaboration in a dynamic think tank job setting.