Isothermal Community College


Academic Development

We are here to provide access to success by offering courses that build a foundation for college-level courses and help students grow as confident, life-long learners.

Student placement in Academic Development courses is determined by scores achieved on the placement test. Students should begin Academic Development coursework their first semester by enrolling in the appropriate course indicated by placement test scores. Once enrolled in the course, students are given a specific in-class diagnostic exam to further assess individual student strengths and needs. These diagnostic exams help instructors plan programs that will help students be successful. In every case, instructors work with students to provide them with a foundation for confident, life-long learning. 

Both day and evening classes are available to students fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Academic Development English Courses

The following English courses are taught in a web-assisted format and are 8-week courses. Students can register for up to two courses in one semester.

  • DRE 096  Integrated Reading and Writing
  • DRE 097  Integrated Reading and Writing II
  • DRE 098  Integrated Reading and Writing III

Academic Development Math Courses

The following math courses are offered in self-paced, lecture/web-assisted, and online formats. Each course is a 4-week course. Students can register for up to four courses in one semester.

  • DMA 010  Operations With Integers
  • DMA 020  Fractions and Decimals
  • DMA 030  Proportion/Ratio/Rate/Percent
  • DMA 040  Expressions/Linear Equations/Inequalities
  • DMA 050  Graphs/Equations of Lines
  • DMA 060  Polynomials/Quadratic Applications
  • DMA 070  Rational Expressions/Equations
  • DMA 080  Radical Expressions/Equations

For more information, contact Deborah Puett at (828) 395-1481