Isothermal Community College

Strategic Plan 2014-16

Innovation & Efficiency

To prepare for future opportunities, the College leadership will foster innovation and efficiency.

What We Have Heard that Shaped This Goal
  • Our curriculum enrollment declined in the past two years, yet remained above 2008 enrollment figures.
  • The formula for state appropriations has changed, resulting in a decrease in public funding.
  • The College maintains a strong history of clean financial audits.
  • The College’s scores on all eight of the scales of the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) had a positive significant statistical difference when compared to the National Community College comparison group.
What We Will Do to Achieve This Goal
  • Investigate business degree programs to streamline courses while maintaining and improving rigor
  • Develop easy-to-understand online registration processes
  • Implement a graduate exit survey in the GED/Basic Skills area to determine an expected level of performance
  • Maintain our high satisfaction rating regarding library staff, equipment, facilities, and hours
  • Apply for funds to renovate the science laboratories in the Administration Building.