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General Education Competencies


General Education Competencies

The College regularly revisits the general education competencies to verify their appropriateness and to clarify language. In 2007, the Assessment Taskforce initiated a subcommittee with the purpose of researching rubrics at other community colleges and to reduce and clarify language to yield better data. Minor revisions were made again in 2009.

In 2012, the Assessment Committee established a workgroup of both faculty and staff to evaluate the number of competencies and to convert the rubrics to an analytic tool. The 2013 revised general education competency rubrics assess the following skills: critical thinking, information literacy, presentation, quantitative, technology, and written communication. Links to the revised rubrics are below.

Assessment Tools
Critical Thinking Skills Rubric Information Literacy Skills Rubric Presentation Skills Rubric
Quantitative Skills Technology Skills Checklist Written Communication Skills Rubric