Isothermal Community College

Institutional Assessment

Assessment Manual

Roles & Responsibilities

Board of Trustees
  • Review Mission annually
  • Review Institutional Benchmark data annually (August)
President’s Council
  • Review Institutional  Benchmarks and Benchmark data (August)
  • Utilize Institutional Effectiveness information to guide budget planning and define the future goals of the institution
Vice President of Academic and Student Services and Institutional Assessment
  • Report Institutional Benchmark data to the Board of Trustees and employees annually
  • Collect Departmental Executive Summaries annually
Director of Assessment and Accreditation
  • Guide the campus-wide process of reviewing mission statement every five years
  • Define a system of Institutional Effectiveness to measure success, and identify challenges
  • Organize a process for determining Institutional Benchmarks
  • Provide deans with the required Program Indicator data
 College Council Members (Deans and Directors)
  • Submit Departmental Executive Summary July
  • Develop Departmental planning goals annually
 Lead Instructors
  • Submit Assessment Plan Summary part I (spring or fall) and II(II annually in June)
  • Establish program indicators and report areas that fall outside indicator thresholds
  • Submit program modification plans where indicated based on program indicators
  • Identify and assess relevant general education competencies and report findings and modifications
  • Establish a program mission statement and review at 5 year intervals
  • Program Matrix to be updated at 5 year intervals
  • Submit Course syllabi utilizing syllabus template to Departmental secretary each term
  • Collect portfolio essays for evaluation
  • Identify at least one portfolio artifact for each course
  • Utilize a parenthetical notation at the end of each (or most) course student learning outcomes to show which program student learning outcomes are being addressed in this particular course.
  • Review student work on assessments (tests, papers, projects, journals, etc.) and keep an example of expert and novice performance
  • Maintain a collection of artifacts organized around competencies, primarily general education competencies but program as well
  • Write a Graduate Essay in the program Capstone course