Isothermal Community College

Institutional Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Mission, Values, and Vision

During the 2012-13 Academic Year, the Board of Trustees, the President's Council, the College Council, and the employees at-large reaffirmed Isothermal Community College's mission statement, "to improve life through learning." The Board of Trustees ultimately approves and ensures that the College fulfills its mission. The Board of Trustees responsibility is outlined in the Learning College Manual, Review of Mission (Policy No. 101-01-01AP).

The College adopted its first mission statement in April of 1965. The current mission statement was adopted in November 10, 1998. The Board of Trustees reviews the mission statement annually. Per College policy, the mission statement is reviewed campus-wide every five years.

Strategic Planning

The Office of Assessment, Planning, and Research works with the President and President’s Council to define a system to measure success, identify challenges, guide budget planning, and define the future goals of the institution. The team uses the ten Vivid Descriptors in the mission as the basis for the College’s Institutional Benchmarks. The Vivid Descriptors are measured by one or more Institutional Benchmarks. The President’s Council reviews and then reports on strategic goals to the Board of Trustees and employees in August.

Each department and program must tie the majority of its outcomes to least one Vivid Descriptor to demonstrate how the College works together to achieve its mission.