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Institutional Assessment

Assessment Manual

Departmental Learning Outcomes

The Department Analysis Report (DAR) is an annual report written by College Council members. The report itself is concise and organized; however, the process of creating it is broad and often difficult. The DAR, submitted in July, is a small representation of the drafting, and surveying, and tallying, and decision-making that goes on throughout the year at the program and departmental levels.

Department Analysis Report

  • Point out the connections between College’s Vivid Descriptors and program-level outcomes
  • Provide an overview of the assessment and planning activities that took place at the program level
  • State the Planning Goals
  • Cover letter. A cover letter of no more than 400 words that provides (1) highlights from Assessment Plan Summaries (APS) in the department, (2) demonstrates how these highlights connect to the Vivid Descriptors, and (3) states three to six related Department Planning Goals for the coming year.
  • List of Changes. A list of any changes in the following items for the program units in the department:
    • Mission, Goals, and Planning with ties to Vivid Descriptors
    • Advisory Committee Activity and Partnerships
    • Policy and Procedure Manuals
    • Applied Sciences & Technology, Art & Sciences, and Business Sciences only:
      • Technical Standards
      • Admissions Procedures
      • Other accrediting bodies (licensing, certification etc.)
      • Instructional Service Agreements
      • Library Resources
      • Listing of credentials for new instructors or for current employees who gave obtained a new credential
      • Summary of major curricular changes 

For areas other than educational programs, skip to the “Supporting Documents” section below.

Educational Program Analysis. Academic Divisions Only.

  • Program Indicators. A list of Program Indicators that fell below the stated threshold and the related modification plan. Program Indicators are the following:

    • Required: full-time to part-time instructor ratio, success by delivery method, graduation & retention rates, as posted on Learning College Data Center in Moodle
    • Voluntary: transfer rate, job placement, aggregate course evaluation data, and licensure passing rates
  • General Education Competencies (defn.). Lists or curriculum maps showing coverage of the General Education Competencies (rubrics) in your department.
  • Distance learning evaluation of programs. List each academic program and the percentage of that program available online.
Supporting Documents. All divisions and departments.
  • Copy of Budget Request 
  • APS (Parts I & II). For each educational program.
  • Departmental APS Overview. Only for areas with more than one program.