Isothermal Community College

Institutional Assessment

Assessment Manual


Educational programs only.

When the program matrix indicates that a particular class is contributing to a program student learning outcome(s), the course’s syllabus should indicate the appropriate program outcome at the end of the courses outcomes listed on the syllabus.

To do so, an instructor uses a parenthetical notation at the end of each (or most) course student learning outcomes to show which program student learning outcomes are being addressed in this particular course. The sample course syllabus (linked below) uses the College’s syllabus template and correctly notes the connection between program student learning outcomes (with a program graduate in mind) and course student learning outcomes (with course completer in mind).

All course syllabi should be emailed to the department secretary by the first day of classes. Each department can set procedures for online classes.

Best practice recommends that instructors review student work on assessments (tests, papers, projects, journals, etc.) and keep an example of expert and novice performance for each assignment or test. These course artifacts and the reflection on them are a key part of ongoing course improvement.